Primary Missions

  • Integrating the studies in materials science that center upon the preparation and analysis of single crystals and thin-film epitaxy.
  • Cultivating next-generation R&D talents and training senior technical personnel for the development of condensed-state materials.
  • Providing special high-quality single crystals and new materials for basic and applied research of materials.
  • Strengthening Taiwan’s techniques to fabricate cutting-edge materials and facilitating Taiwan’s specialty and development of single crystal growth.
  • Assisting companies in increasing their international market share through patent licensing and technology transfer.
  • Achieving the autonomy in the field of single crystal growth and becoming a world-renowned research facility on single crystal growth.
  • Making “Materials from Taiwan” a well-known brand, setting up world-class academic research, and supporting the development of new materials needed by the industries in Taiwan.


  • 以單晶及薄膜磊晶製備與分析為中心的材料科學研究整合
  • 培養新一代凝態材料開發人才與高級技術人員培訓
  • 提供基礎與應用材料研究所需之高品質特殊單晶與新材料
  • 深植台灣尖端材料製備技術以及單晶成長專長發展
  • 藉由專利授權及技術移轉,協助廠商擴大國際市佔率。
  • 達到單晶成長自主化並成為國際著名的單晶成長研究單位
  • 建立以Materials from Taiwan之品牌,建立世界級的一流學術研究及支持國家產業所需之新材料開發。

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