User-facility project of TCECM now accepts applications.

Under a TCECM project, an integrated system, including Metal Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE), Angle-Resolved Photoelectron Spectroscopy (ARPES), and Ultra-High Vacuum Scanning Probe Microscopy (UHV SPM), will be offered by Institute of Physics, Academia Sinica for growing and characterizing emergent crystal materials. This system provides a controllable environment to enable real-time on-site analyses after crystal growth, so that the design and fabrication of functional crystal materials can be achieved with high efficiency. Any scholar who is interested in exploring this system for growth and characterization of emergent crystal materials should submit the application through the website:

在科技部尖端晶體材料 (TCECM)計畫下,中央研究院物理研究所將提供一個集成系統,包括金屬分子束外延 (MBE)、角分辨光電子能譜 (ARPES) 和超高真空掃描探針顯微鏡 (UHV SPM),用於生長和表徵新穎晶體材料。 該系統提供了一個可控的環境,可以實現晶體生長後的即時臨場分析,從而高效地實現功能晶體材料的設計和製造。有意嘗試的學者,可透過網頁: 申請

周泳恩小姐(Michelle Chu)



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